Beyond the Bus


While the bus is certainly the star of the show, the pieces and equipment that went into it are critical to making it a home on wheels. I did a ton of research and read a ton of blogs. Here is a listing of what I bought, where I bought it, and why I choose the equipment that I did. Most of these items are discussed in the conversion blog posts as well. I will keep updating this list as the conversion progresses or I change out hardware. 

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links that will earn me a small commission when you buy a product. This is a small reward for all the documentation I'm putting together for you. 

Electrical System

Go Power! Elite Complete Solar System

This complete system is the heart of my electrical. It comes with Inverter, converter, solar panels, solar charger, and most of the cables I needed to hook it up. 

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Propane System
Water System
Appliances and Other Equipment
Other Items
Bus Driver's Seat

Obviously since I will be driving several hours most days on my trip, I decided the old driver's seat just wouldn't do. I wanted a seat with some suspension and that was higher backed than the seat that came with the bus. I also wanted to upgrade the seat belt to include a shoulder restraint, especially since the bus doesn't have air bags (and because my mom would have FREAKED at me just having a lap belt!)

The seat I choose is the Bostrom T910SC from Suburban Seats. It has air suspension for a smooth ride and a self contained air compressor so I don't have to run an air line to it.