Day 60: Jackson to Saratoga, WY

Leaving Jackson today was bittersweet, but we woke up to rain and cloudy skies that made it easier to move on. We packed up the bus and hit the road. We’re planning to drive to Rawlins, Wyoming today. It’s about halfway to Denver from Jackson. While you can drive in a car from Jackson to Denver in about 8 hours, it would take about 10 in the bus. So we’re going to split it into two days. We head out and travel north at first to the turnoff to Yellowstone and then turn east, and then southeast, over a couple of mountain passes that were really pretty. The drive overall is surprisingly beautiful. We’re taking the scenic route from Lander to Rock Springs and stop at Red Canyon overlook for lunch:

After lunch we continue the drive to Rock Springs, then on to Rawlins. When we roll into Rawlins we aren’t very impressed with the RV park options so I looked up some alternate places. One of them is just 30 minutes south near the town of Saratoga. It’s a town my mom was familiar with and its a campsite on the lake for $10, so we decide to head there. We pull in to the campground with intermittent thunderstorms. Its a nice spot near Saratoga Lake, about an hour outside of Laramie. We park the bus for the night and make a drink and a snack. It’s too early for dinner. Normally I’d head out paddle boarding but the thunderstorm is producing a lot of lightning, and I’m not wanting to risk that. So instead we just relax in the bus enjoying the view of the rolling storms.

For dinner we grill chicken and mom makes a salad. It’s the last night in the bus and tomorrow I’ll be back home in Denver. It’s starting to weigh on my mind that the trip is over. I’m thinking about the things I will do when I’m home, how good it will feel to take a shower in my own shower. I wonder what Pepper will think when she sees the house. Actually, I wonder what Pepper thinks about this whole adventure. Will there be an adjustment time like there was when we moved into the bus? Or will she just walk into the house and back to her old routine. For that matter, will I? For the most part I try to put those thoughts aside and just enjoy my last night of this amazing experience. Mom and I are both exhausted and we head to bed early. It took me a long time to fall asleep. I laid in bed listening to the rain and looking out the window at the storms. It was a beautiful night out and I guess part of me just didn’t want it to end.