Day 51: Calgary

We tried to sleep in, but Pepper wanted to get up and have breakfast in the hotel. So I fed her, walked her, and then met Michael. We took the light rail downtown to find a brunch spot. The food was good, but the server was awesome. She was from Edmonton originally and was super friendly. After brunch we headed to the Glenbow museum. I’d read that it was a really cool spot and that they had a featured exhibit that was very controversial as it dealt with the treatment of the native population by the white settlers. Its called “Shame and Prejudice: A Story of Resilience”. It was a fantastic exhibit and really highlighted the terrible things that the white settlers did to the native population that were seen as inferior and sub-human.

They also had this cool horse sculpture made from barbed wire:

After the museum we walked around Olympic Park (from the 1988 Olympics) and then took the train back to the hotel to check on Pepper and have an afternoon siesta. After some much needed napping we headed back out into downtown for dinner and some bar hopping. Its funny how the daily routine changes when I’m in a city! After bar hopping it was back to the hotel for the night. While staying in a hotel for two nights was luxurious, I missed the convenience of the bus and having everything with me. It will be nice to get back in the bus tomorrow.