Day 45: Leaving Vancouver and Headed to Revelstoke

Woke up a little early and packed up the bus. I was a little apprehensive about driving the bus into downtown to pick up Michael, but it was Sunday morning so I figured traffic would be pretty light. I drove over the bridge no problem. Got to Michael’s hotel with no issues. Then the navigation in the bus decided to freak out and it kept telling me to turn right when it meant left and then it tried to get me to pull a u-turn. Once I figured out that it was freaking out I pulled out my iPhone and used Google Maps to get out of the city. The trip was heavy traffic and a 4 lane highway most of the way. It was weird to be driving on big highways again. Our first stop was Othello Tunnels, a hiking trail built on an abandoned railroad route and goes through 5 old train tunnels. This hike was totally my thing. I love railroads and I love walking through railroad tunnels and abandoned places. We decided to bring Pepper along as it was a pretty short hike. The hike was fantastic and relatively flat since it was a railroad, but the tunnels were amazing and the river and canyon were beautiful. It’s a really unique hike:

After the hike we made some lunch in the bus and then hit the road again. We had a long drive ahead. It was 2pm and Revelstoke was still another 4-6 hours away (with stops). The scenery shifted into high mountain areas and dried out. Everything started turning to brown. Eventually we reached Kelowna. It’s the wine growing region, but since we had so much driving to do we didn’t stop. But the area is really beautiful with a bunch of huge lakes. It was hot. Over 90 degrees. Mara Lake looked especially beautiful and there were a bunch of house boats there for rent. Something for a future trip. Around 6pm we entered a canyon and the air cooled, the grass turned green again, and the lakes got even more spectacular. We were also joined by the railroad, so if you’ve taken a train to/from Banff and Vancouver, you’d have gone through this area. About 3 minutes later we arrived in Revelstoke. We drove through town and then decided we needed to find a place to stay for the night. The two campgrounds on my list were full, and it was getting late. I was hungry and we needed to feed pepper. It was nearly 8:30 by this point. We decided to make dinner on the side of the road then figure out a place to park for the night. Luckily after dinner we found a website that said we could park at Revelstoke Mountain Resort for free. We pulled into a nice gravel lot and parked the bus. It looks like we’ll have an awesome view of the resort and mountains in the morning!