Day 44: Stanley Park and Fireworks Exhibition

Pepper woke me up at 8 on the dot. She didn’t care that I’d been out late! I fed her, made coffee, and quickly ran a load of laundry. Around 1 I headed into town to meet Michael. We grabbed some lunch at Steamrollers “Best Burritos in Vancouver”. They were pretty tasty. After lunch we walked a couple of blocks and rented bikes from “Spokes Bike Rentals”. They were a slick operation and totally organized even with a huge crowd we had bikes in hand in less than 10 minutes. We were given locks and helmets too. We headed off to Stanley Park, 1,000 acres of forest, trails, lakes and 10k sea wall trail circling the outer edge of the park. Bikes ride counter clockwise on the sea wall trail. As we started off the trail was packed with a chaotic mixture of tourists, their kids, and locals all trying to use the trail. It was chaos. Luckily the crowd thinned out pretty quickly. We rode about 1/2 way around the park and then turned on one of the trails into the interior of the park. We rode around for about 3 hours. Circling the park three times and then it was time to check on Pepper. Rather than taking a cab, we just rode our bikes over the Lions Gate Bridge. It actually was faster and saved us $40 in cab fare, which more than paid for one of our bike rentals.

After the bike ride we returned the bikes (for $30 Canadian each) and then headed to Michael’s hotel to shower and change for the evening (It was nice having one of us have a room in downtown for that). After changing clothes we headed toward English Bay to find something to eat. Later that night we were planning to watch the Honda Celebration of Light, a fireworks competition. We ended up at Score on Davie and had a great meal and a few beers. At around 9:30 we decided to head down for the 10pm show. We lucked out and got a great spot right on the beach, directly in front of the barge. Most people had been camping out all day and picnicking on the beach waiting for the show. We waltzed up at 9:45 and got just as close. Team Japan would be competing tonight, and two other shows will happen next week. The fireworks were AWESOME. Probably the best show either of us had ever seen. It went on for 25 minutes non-stop. Here are some photos:

After fireworks we grabbed a drink and then called it a night. After biking 25 miles and walking all over the city we were exhausted. I found a cab relatively quickly and crawled into bed.