Day 42: Vancouver

The final segment of the drive into Vancouver was white knuckled with steep banking turns and a narrow road the whole way. From the Campsite to Whistler was about an hour and a half and it was beautiful scenery, but the road was so narrow it was hard to stop for photos anywhere. The drive from Whistler to Vancouver was a wider road, but there was also a lot of traffic (compared to what I’d gotten used to). It also had some great scenery and places to pull off and take photos.

I arrived at the Capilano River RV park around 2pm, which is basically the only RV park centrally located. It’s on the far side of the Lions Gate Bridge from downtown, but its not like I can park a 35 foot bus in the middle of downtown! The RV park is more of the parking lot variety with each camping unit squeezed in next to each other. It does have full hookups and really will just be a place to store the bus and sleep. I plan to be out exploring Vancouver! After getting the bus parked and set up for a couple of days I headed into downtown. Unfortunately Vancouver has prevented Uber from setting up shop here so I had to CALL to get a cab to take me into downtown. So retro. It’s about a $18CAN ($14.50 US) ride into downtown and takes about 15 minutes. I meet up with Michael at his hotel and it’s great to see a familiar face again! We decide to walk around town a bit and grab some lunch while I catch him up on my trip and he catches me up on everything that I’ve missed in Denver. After lunch we stroll down toward Yaletown looking for a place for me to get a haircut. It’s been about 6 weeks and I definitely needed one. Sure, I’m on the road and no one really cares, but I do. And somehow it seemed like now that I was in a city again I should look the part. (Thanks to the guys at Urban Cuts!)

After the haircut we walked back toward Canada Place, the waterfront convention center that was built for the 1986 World Expo (which is the first time I was in Vancouver). We wandered through a portion of Gastown (the historic part of town) and then down to Canada Place. We mostly just wanted to find where the free shuttle to Capilano Suspension Bridge park picked up, but it was a great area to walk around. We saw the Olympic torch from the 2010 Olympics and along the marina we even saw a couple of other tiny houses! After wandering around the waterfront for a bit it was time to run back to the bus to check on Pepper.