Day 39: Sunset Lake

The canyon that Stewart sits in appears to be really pretty. Glaciers on the mountains around town, lots of streams, and waterfalls. I say that it “appears to be” because it was cloudy and I could only see small bits of the mountains at any one time. I was really hoping to wake up to clear skies (the clouds were dissipating when I went to bed last night), but no such luck. So I decide to hit the road. I head south on 37 until it rejoins the Trans-Canada Highway, also called the Yellowhead Highway. This is the same road I was on when I was headed west through Canada to Jasper. I’d left the Yellowhead Highway for the Alaska Highway just after Jasper, so it was cool to be back on it. In Houston, BC I stopped by the World's Largest Fly Rod!

I drove about halfway to Prince George (lovely scenery, but that’s about all) and started looking for a campsite. I found one called Sunset Lake that was free. A lake, a sunset, and free? I’m in. I put the destination into the navigation and watched for the turnoff. The campsite is about 3 miles off the highway. The road was gravel but in decent shape. But as is typical with these free campsites in BC, the road in the actual campground was completely unmaintained. In fact it turned into a really rough 4 wheel drive road in one place. But I was already committed and the bus did great (though I went at a snails pace).

I found a campsite that wasn’t occupied and parked. I took Pepper for a walk and fed her dinner (it was around 6pm) and debated whether to feed myself or go Paddleboarding. Obviously I went Paddleboarding! The lake is I guess medium sized and the water was fairly warm. There were actually a bunch of people swimming and playing around the “beach” area. It was a warm day by Canadian standards but I wasn’t wanting to swim! After paddling I left the board out to dry and made dinner. After dinner I packed up the paddle board and curled up on the couch with a book and read until bedtime. Going into this trip I thought I’d have hours and hours of downtime to read. This is actually only the second time I’ve had more than an hour to just lay on the couch and read. It was a nice diversion. Tomorrow I head to Prince George to find out if the roads are open of if I detour around the forest fires. Either way I’m on track to arrive in Vancouver on Thursday!