Day 32: Fairbanks

Quick drive to Fairbanks from Denali this morning. But before I left town I noticed that the skies were really clear. I hope Kay had a glorious view of Mt. Denali today. It was shrouded in clouds both times I've been to Denali. I'm coming in winter next time so I can see it and the Northern Lights.

Off to Fairbanks. It's about a 2 hour drive to Fairbanks. Short easy day. I was a little slow leaving camp and sat at the local coffee shop for a while using their wifi. I arrived in Fairbanks around 12:30 and it was HOT. OK Alaska hot. Like 75. I stopped into the AT&T store to find out about data sim cards for my TMobile phone since TMobile was nice enough to unlock it for me (Tmobile doesn't have service in Alaska). For $45 I can get a month of pre-paid service. Perfect.

I’m staying at “River’s Edge RV Park” and it’s a pretty typical RV park, but felt like palace grounds after the gravel lot the previous two nights. There were lots of trees, nice wide parking spaces, and it backs on the Chena River. I got set up in the campsite and took Pepper for a nice long walk along the river. She clearly wanted to go for a swim, but not today. Back at the bus I cleaned up and organized and then I headed to the campground laundry to wash sheets, towels, and my clothes. Sometimes living in a tiny house is a little too much like living in a real house! The showers are free at this campground so while my laundry was drying I took a nice long shower, which felt amazing. The shower in the bus is great, but I’m too tall to stand up straight in it, so it always feels a little bit like showering in an airplane bathroom. After cleaning up the bus it was getting to be dinner time, so I fed Pepper and then fed myself.

Fairbanks is the most northerly city I will be in. So here's some numbers for the first half of the trip:

  • 6347 miles driven

  • 997.33 gallons of diesel (sorry Mother Earth, I'll make it up to you)

Nothing more to report from today. After dinner I tried to rally and catch up on some writing and editing but I was just too tired. I actually went to sleep at 8:30!Although it's probably time for me to shave. It's been like a week and half.