Day 30 - Flying High

July 15, 2017

This morning Kay and I woke up about the same time, but I lounged in bed for a bit and she got up, made tea, and then went outside to write in her journal. When I got up we slid the bed back into a couch and then I joined her outside with my coffee. A little bit later Katie came over and said that we should head out and she’d take us flying in her float plane! Sweet! Katie is a bush pilot in Alaska, which is really cool, but she also was a flight instructor. She has a small Piper Cub two seater (pilot and passenger) and it’s parked on a lake near the house. We hopped into Katie’s car and drove about 5 minutes over to the lake. It was a really pretty lake with clear water and a swimming dock. There were about a half dozen other float planes dotting the shore. Katie started her pre-flight and Kay and I set up a little chair on the beach. Katie would be taking us one at a time and Kay insisted that I go first. When pre-flight was done Katie gave me a life vest (it’s a float plane after all) and I did a little yoga to get into the passenger seat. We taxied to the far end of the lake and after a quick call over the radio we were off.

We flew around for about 30 minutes and then as we were headed back we saw a plane that had made what Katie thought was an impossible landing on a sand bar. We circled to make sure they were ok, and I snapped a few photos. Then it was back to the lake for a perfect landing (landing on water is so cool!). Key went up next and they flew the reverse course. The plane had taken off from the little sand bar and Katie was shocked. It would have been cool to watch.

The flight gave Kay and me a great overview of the Talkeetna area and it was fun to see the town from the air. After the flight we headed back to her house to make some lunch and pack up. We said our goodbyes and headed out. It was Denali day after all and we were excited to get to the park. I warned Kay that tonight’s RV park was basically a gravel lot with a ton of RVs all crammed in, but it was convenient for our morning pickup the next day. And it was. But the front desk was really friendly and gave us a number of great recommendations.

We hooked up the bus to water, power, and waste lines (which was fascinating for Kay) and then made dinner. Grilled chicken kabobs, salad, and as we were cooking, our neighbor offered us some of their corn. Perfect, we’ll just throw that on the grill too! Before we sat down to dinner I knocked on the RV on the other side of us and asked if they were using the picnic table between us. He said no, then turned around his iPad and showed me he was reading my blog! SWEET! (Hi there). After dinner we were off to bed. We had a 5am alarm set for our 6:15am pickup.