Day 24: Tok to Anchorage

Last night I got eaten alive by the Alaska mosquitos. This suckers are AGGRESSIVE. I had all the windows closed and somehow they still got in the bus in massive quantities and ate me alive. I have mosquito bites on my fingers, ears, and forehead (all the parts that were exposed outside the covers.

On the plus side (and also the reason for the mosquitos), I woke up on a lake! So after feeding and walking Pepper I put the paddleboard back in the water and went for another spin. No swimming moose this time. Just a completely calm and quiet lake all to myself. It was awesome.

After paddling I showered and packed up the bus. Time to hit the road! I headed out toward Anchorage, with no specific stopping point in mind. I figured I’d see what came along. More construction and more rough roads. Ugh. Rough roads are NOT fun in a bus with tanks full of water! At one of the construction stops it was clear we were going to be there a while as everyone in front of me in the line of cars were outside their vehicles and there was no traffic coming towards us yet. Perfect time to make lunch. As I finished my lunch the pilot car leading the traffic towards us came into view. Perfect timing. And hey, the view wasn't bad while I was waiting, either.

It’s only 265 miles from Tok to Anchorage. But those 265 miles are slow, narrow, winding miles with lots of road hazards like frost heaves and potholes that you have to constantly watch for while also trying to enjoy the view. It was a gorgeous drive, but it was probably the most difficult drive to date. I’m sure it also didn’t help that I was still exhausted from white knucle driving from Chicken into Tok last night.

But I was making good time. And I wasn’t finding anywhere that looked interesting to stop for the night. And it was too early to stop, so I just kept driving. I’d left Tok around 10:30am and at 5 I was just 30 miles outside of Anchorage. I decided to just keep going. It will be nice to have some extra time in Anchorage and a couple of days where I don’t have to drive anywhere.

I'll let some of the photos from the day tell the story of the trip, better than I could:

You might just have to wait for the VLOG video to really get an appreciation for the scenery here...

I pulled into the RV park that I had planned to stay in tomorrow night and the next night figuring I’d ask if I could just bump up my reservation by one day. Their office closed at 5. Uh. Really? 3pm-8pm is when everyone arrives at an RV park. Why would you close at 5? Anyway, the owners happened to still be lingering around so I introduced myself and asked if I could start my two day reservation early. She said no problem and gave me my registration packet. And after seeing my cool bus, she actually moved me to a better space.

The RV park is nothing to write home about, but it will be fine for two nights. It’s right near downtown which is a plus, but it’s kinda in the middle of a warehouse district, which isn’t so great. I think at some point along this trip I’ll write a post on “How to pick a campsite/rv park” I’m becoming an expert. I get all set up at the park and then bake a pizza for dinner. Yum.

I debated walking into downtown and exploring a bit, but I think I’ll save that for tomorrow. I’m perfectly happy chilling in the bus tonight. It’ll be a good time to research some fun things to do in Anchorage tomorrow. Hopefully without even moving the bus.