Day 17: Jasper to Charlie Lake, BC

I packed up and hit the road a little later than I wanted, but still by about 9am. The first stop was at the “Scenic Road to Alaska” roadsign about 200 yards from my campsite. Then it was a left turn and some very scenic driving along highway 40 to Grande Praire. I even saw a caribou (but couldn’t stop for a photo)!

I filled up the diesel in Grand Praire and sat in the Walmart parking lot while I uploaded the house tour from yesterday’s blog. And made lunch in the bus. Uploaded and fed, it was time to head to my next stop. Dawson Creek (not the TV Show). Dawson Creek is the “official” start to the Alaska Highway. There’s even a marker for the start and everything.

Just outside of Dawson Creek is the first engineering marvel of the Alaska Highway. The Kiskatinaw Bridge was the first curved wooden bridge ever built in Canada. And it’s still standing today, though no longer part of the “official” Alaska Highway as a new bypass and bridge were built in 1978 to replace it.

I continued on toward my destination for the evening and passed through Taylor, BC. About halfway though town I hear a siren, look in my side mirror and a cop is pulling me over. Great. I knew I wasn’t speeding, but had no idea what was going on. So I pull over, wait for him to come up, he’s looking in all of the windows, and then comes around to the door. Pepper usually FREAKS when people come to the door but she was really calm. That was a bonus. Anyway, he thought at first glance that I was a commercial vehicle (paint job, branding on the bus, etc) and so he pulled me over because of the red school bus flashers are still on the bus, which apparently is illegal in BC. Once he found out I was a motor home and the flashers were disconnected he asked me a bunch of questions about the conversion and even asked for a tour. Sure! While we were talking he gave me a bunch of sightseeing tips for the journey ahead and then after wishing me well, sent me on my way. He was super nice and I think felt a little guilty for pulling me over. Still, I think I might have to paint the flashers black if this keeps happening.

Back on the road, and with a campsite recommendation from the police officer, I set off for Beatton Lake Provencial Park. I found my campsite, parked the bus, and settled in for the evening. I think I’m grilling the steak I’d originally bought for dinner last night. The cell service seems pretty good here too. Maybe I can upload some more videos for you.