Day 11: Reluctantly leaving Prince Albert

Before I get to the details of what happened today, I want to mention that last night after posting the update two mamma elk and two baby elk wandered through camp and were grazing just outside the bus. It was great. The other thing is that as the sun set (around 10pm!) the mosquitoes swarmed in and OMG even with screens on the windows those buggers snuck in and feasted on me all night long. Gotta love the outdoors, right?

So this morning I woke up to Pepper thumping her tail on the wall telling me that it was time for her breakfast. No sleeping in, even on vacation! So I got up and made her food and my coffee and then took her for a walk. After that I loaded up the bus because I had to be out of the campsite by 11 and moved to the parking lot at the main beach area. Unfortunately when I got there the wind had kicked up and my calm peaceful lake from the day before looked more like the ocean in the middle of a storm. No paddleboarding for me this morning. That’s ok, lots of lakes left on my trip.

We loaded back in the bus and headed out for our drive. The goal today was to get to Whitney Lake Provincial Park in Alberta. It’s about 5 hours of driving. Not my longest day, but not the shortest either. The drive was unremarkable. More farmland. Canada sure produces a lot of grain! I did pass into Alberta, so one more Canadian Provence off my list!

I arrived at the campground crossing my fingers there was a “first-come-first-served” site available as I hadn’t made a reservation. I thought the campground might be booked but I was forgetting that today is Monday and not everyone is on vacation for the summer (in fact school is still in session here!). I have the entire campground to myself. Not another soul anywhere. And it’s on a nice lake that I might paddle in the morning.

Tomorrow I head to west Edmonton for two days. It will be nice to have two nights in the same spot for a change. And I’m excited to explore Edmonton a bit (as well as do laundry and other housekeeping things).