Day 8: Fargo to Winnipeg

I woke up at 6 and hit the road. Well, sorta. No mornings are quick when you are living in a bus and have a dog. But after walking and feeding Pepper we set off for Winnipeg. It’s only about a 4.5 hour drive in the bus, plus the border crossing, which, going into Canada, is usually pretty quick. I stopped for diesel right before the border and paid the least I have all trip. $2.22. Next time I buy fuel I’ll have to convert liters to figure out the cost.

As expected, entry into Canada was a piece of cake. Just a few standard questions “Do you have firearms?” “No.” “What is the purpose of your trip?” “Going to Alaska”. (they like when you have short definitive answers and a plan to leave the country. After the border it was about another hour or so to Winnipeg. The weather as I neared Winnipeg got colder and rainer and I was actually chilly in the bus. Yesterday was 90 in Fargo and here it was 50. Brr.

As I pulled into Winnipeg, I figured I’d drive around a bit and see what caught my eye. Unfortunately the only thing I saw was bumper to bumper traffic and lots of construction. There are a lot of cool things in Winnipeg, but driving in traffic in the bus is really not fun. And the weather wasn’t conducive to parking and walking around. So I decided to head to my campground for the night. I definitely would come back and spend more time here. Unfortunately I need to press on!

I put “Winnepeg West KOA” into the bus navigation (separate from my phone so it doesn’t need a network connection). It plotted a route and I was off. About halfway to the destination I noticed we were traveling south, which was odd since the KOA was called “Winnipeg West” but I just went with it. Left turn, right turn, then left turn onto this “road” that was all mud from the storm:

I thought, hmmm… this doesn’t seem right, but the GPS has been accurate so far. I head down the mud road about ¾ of a mile before I decide this mud road can’t be right and decide to check Google Maps on my phone. Glad I did. My bus navigation was TOTALLY wrong. Luckily I found a pretty easy place to turn the bus around and head back.

I finally arrived at the correct KOA at about 3 and connected the bus to power and water. It’s a decent campground. Its clear they have put a lot of work into the landscaping and planted new trees that in 10 years will be awesome shade. Unfortunately, due to the rain, it’s also pretty muddy. Buy hey, it’s only for one night and I’m not looking to party with friends. It’s still chilly and I make chili for dinner. Yum. I will say I don’t mind cooking in the bus as much as I thought I might. Granted I’m keeping things pretty simple, but it’s not bad.

I should also mention that the rough roads, potholes, and dirt roads, have been much harder on the bus than I imagined. I'm having to adjust and tie things down in ways I never imagined. Some of the bumps literally launch the stuff in the back of the pus in the air. I'll try to mount my GoPro back there so you can see what happens! This afternoon my bedroom lights developed a short and I had to remove the panels on the side wall (designed for this thankfully) and track down the short and re-secure all of the wiring.

Early to bed tonight as I’m planning to get up early tomorrow morning and head to Regina and maybe a little beyond before stopping for the night. I'm ready for more scenery than just farmland, but I'm pretty sure that's all I'll see tomorrow too.