Day 4: Bus Organizing and Rapid City

Well day 4 ended up being a bus cleaning and organizing day for the most part. After 4 days I’ve learned a lot about where I want things and how I want them organized. I also bought some plastic tubs to help keep things in the cupboards from rolling around too much. This should help with the driving noise. I also finished up a couple of conversion projects I didn’t have time to finish before leaving Denver, like wiring the hot water heater to run off campground power in addition to propane so that I don’t have to use propane when I have free power in a campground.

Lunch was a chicken wrap in the bus and then I headed into Rapid City to do a little exploring. Honestly I was expecting a more quaint old west town, but Rapid City has a legit bustling downtown area that is pretty cool. There is an older part of downtown that is about 6 blocks long and filled with cool shops. I definitely want to go back and have lunch at the Firehouse Brewery tomorrow. It was sunny and warm, so I didn’t want to leave Pepper in the bus for too long so after about an hour of walking around I hopped back in the bus to find Dinosaur Park.

Dinosaur park is located on a hill overlooking downtown and has spectacular views. Outside of the location, it’s basically a tourist trap. If it was located on a rural road, it would be an official roadside attraction, but since it’s in town, we’ll call it a sightseeing stop. It’s basically 5 rudimentary concrete “sculptures” of dinosaurs with bad paint jobs. But the view is totally worth the trip.

The photos are displaying weird here. Click on them to see the whole photo:

After the park it was time to restock on supplies for the next 4 days. I’m headed to Mount Rushmore again early tomorrow morning, and Crazy Horse, and then I’m off to the Badlands for a night. Then on to Fort Pierre National Grasslands, which is one of the spots where ‘Dances with Wolves” was filmed. It’s just grassy fields as far as the eye can see. More on that on Wednesday.

Dinner was pork chops and mashed potatoes cooked in the bus. Tasty. J

I might not have reliable internet for a few days, but when I do, I will update the blog and photos. Check “The Adventure” page from the link in the header of this page for my Instagram photos as I’m finding that’s the easiest place to post updates.

Bonus sunset photo: