Suns out, Sinks in. Oil Changed.

After a brief spring snow storm last week threw off my schedule, I got back to work. First off, I took advantage of the snowstorm downtime by getting the bus its pre-trip inspection and service. Luckily no major issues were found. They completed an oil change and a change of the fuel, oil, and air filters.

If you are in the Denver area and need bus service, I highly recommend the folks at JECO. They are open 24 hours during the week and all day Saturday and Sunday. Check them out:

After getting the bus back Saturday morning I focused on finishing up the plumbing. I HATE plumbing. Nothing fits. Nothing makes sense. Everything is a different size, different thread type, and its a pain in the ass! But I finished the drain lines, installed the sink, and faucet.

Speaking of the sink and faucet and how much I hate plumbing. I bought the cabinets at IKEA and I generally love IKEA. However I'd never buy a sink and faucet from them again. The clips to attach the sink to the counter top were a nightmare to install. And the faucet hoses are some non-standard size that took forever to adapt to standard plumbing.

For others out there, the IKEA faucet hoses are listed as 9/16" in the instructions. They are ACTUALLY 3/8". So I just needed a 3/8″ to 1/2″ compression fitting. Remove the compression fitting nut and screw to the hose coming out of the faucet. Thanks to this blog post for the solution.

I wish I'd bought a standard sink and faucet at Home Depot.

Did I mention I hate plumbing? But now that its done I think it looks GREAT.

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