T-Minus 2 Months

The clock is ticking. I'm exactly two months from my departure for Alaska and while I have gotten a lot done, there is still a lot more to do. Let's start with what I have gotten done:

  • Fresh water system including the tank and fill lines

  • Tested the electrical

  • License plates and converted the title to Motorhome

  • Started on the kitchen cabinets, furnace, and storage cabinet

  • Laid the flooring in the main areas of the bus

  • Propane tanks and grey water tank mounted underneath the bus

Now what is left to do:

  • Kitchen cabinets and final plumbing

  • Shower and sink drain lines

  • Shower enclosure

  • tongue and groove boards on walls

  • Flooring in the bathroom

  • Paneling on the wiring soffits

  • Paint the bedroom

  • Hang the curtains

  • Mechanical service before departure

  • Paint the exterior of the bus

  • Install stereo and final bus wiring

  • And I'm sure a lot I haven't even thought of yet!