Seats out, Sub Floor in

Things are starting to look a lot more like an RV around here! The weather in Denver has been unseasonably warm so I've gotten a lot done on the inside. After removing the seats I removed the rubber flooring and was left with the original plywood:

I took the seats to a metal recycler and the rest of the old floor I threw out. Then I removed the rotted plywood so I was down to the bare steel floor:

Look at all that rust! Never fear. Any bus will have some rust. It's just how it goes. Luckily there were only a couple of places where the rust had compromised the floor or where there were holes in the sides of the bus. Next step was to apply rust converter to stabilize the rust and seal up the floor. I used 1 Gal bottle of Corroseal Note: after doing this I read that I should have ground down the rust more and used a rust ecapsulator instead. But a lot of other skoolie folks swear by the rust converter too. Either way seems to be acceptable.

Next step was to patch the holes. I used Bondo on the big holes and paintable silicone caulk on the small holes from the seat bolts and screws holding the plywood down.

Looking good!

Next was the new flooring installation. Starting with support ribs and insulation, followed by new plywood (or MDF subfloor). The ribs are glued to the floor and the sub floor is glued and screwed to the ribs.

It's really starting to feel like the beginnings of an RV! Next up I'll be taping out the marks for walls, and the other interior pieces.