Tearing out the seats!

Last weekend the weather was really nice so I spent a lot of time on the bus. Got the whole left (passenger) side of seats out. It took a lot longer than I expected because the bolts are rusted and needed to be cut off with an angle grinder. Slow and dangerous work, but I'm excited to see floor space!

Plus the guy I was supposed to be sharing power with decided to not share power with me by passive aggressively blocking off the whole power outlet with his RV. I was warned that he was a jerk, but come on. Luckily Harbor Freight was having a massive sale on generators so I picked up a 4,000 watt generator for $250. Saves me $50 a month on rent, so I basically got it for free.

Weather this coming weekend looks to be a little cooler but still in the mid 70's. I plan to get the rest of the seats and the floor out. And I have to figure out where to dump all the garbage! I'm hoping to recycle the metal from the seats at the very least.