Inspiration Struck

Every dream or crazy idea starts with a spark of inspiration, right? September 13th, 2016 was the day I stumbled on a video of a couple that transformed a school bus into an RV. This isn't the first time I've heard of this. But for some reason their story stood out among the noise that has become social media today. It wasn't a particularly bad day at work, but for some reason the video stuck with me as I was scrolling through my Facebook feed. Maybe it was the rustic yet Euro style I liked. Maybe it was just a day I was feeling particularly trapped in my office.

I posted on Facebook that afternoon "wan·der·lust: noun. A strong desire to travel. #me" I was surprised by how many of my friends shared my sentiment. This video and my feeling of wanderlust would be the seed and fertilizer of the dream that would consume me anytime my brain was idle or I was trying to sleep. I started thinking about what I would do with a bus. Would I want a compost toilet like them? (seems a little too euro rustic for me?) What would I want from a stove or oven? How would I tweak their floorplan? Would I want a flat front bus or one with a giant hood like theirs? Do I need a Commercial Drivers License (CDL)? How did two 20-somethings from Europe put this trip together? Would I want to drive to South America (no)? Would any of my friends be brave enough to join me? What would I do with my house or car while I was gone (rent, sell, airbnb)? How long could I really be away?

September 13th, 2016. The day that I discovered Expedition Happiness and the dream of converting a school bus and touring around took root. I'd spend the rest of that week reading their blog, watching all of their videos, and dreaming of driving to Alaska (truth be told I've wanted to make this drive since I lived in Alaska in the summer of 1992).

I also discovered Outside Found, a couple from Boulder that converted a bus to live and run their tech consulting company. I talked to a co-worker at my current job and he'd actually bought a short bus and used it for one of his kids' soccer teams. He also knew of an auction house that sells buses now and then. This is where things started to come together for me and I started thinking, is this really possible?

#inspiration #Wanderlust